We are (a)live!

We are (a)live!

The project is going well! We are already on our way with the first primitive prototype, have planned the first visit and (as you might have suspected) launched the project website.

For the curious reader, we have collected a (guaranteed incomplete) selection of background publications:

  • The projects main background article “Confluence Modulo Equivalence for Constraint Handling Rules” (Christiansen and Kirkeby 2015)
  • Confluence and Observable Confluence in Constraint Handling Rules (Abdennadher et al. 1999; Abdennadher 1997; Duck et al. 2007)
  • Implemented checkers and investigations of specific programs (Langbein and Raiser; Schrijvers and Frühwirth 2005; Schrijvers and Frühwirth 2004)
  • The original article by Huet introducing Confluence Modulo Equivalence (Huet 1980)
  • Confluence Modulo Equivalence in Higher-order rewrite systems by Mayr and Nipkow (Mayr and Nipkow 1998)

For more on CHR check out this site.


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